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5 Unique Ideas to Improve Your Self-Care Strategy

If you want to feel amazing in body and mind you need a fantastic self-care strategy. When you’re bored of your old regime, try these 5 unique ideas to spice things up.

how to be happy - get a new hobby

Creative practices

Research shows that creative practices are a fantastic way to improve your mood and express your emotions. To improve your health-care regime today, consider taking up a creative hobby. You might try poetry, painting, singing, baking, or playing a musical instrument. There are plenty of ways to learn new skills whether you take an online course, or check out a few YouTube videos.

grabbing a book to read

Read more books

Reading books is a fabulous self-care practice, when we read we can relax and unwind, and learn plenty of new things. Instead of reading the same type of books, challenge yourself to delve out of your comfort zone. Try reading genres and authors that you wouldn’t usually read, it’s a fantastic way to expand your horizons. If you’re not sure where to start, consider joining a book club. Being part of a book club is lots of fun, plus you might even get to make a few new friends.


Take a dance class

Any good self-care strategy needs an endorphin-boosting activity. Dance classes are a great way to lift your spirits, get your cardio fix, and feel good. Consider which dance style might suit you best, whether it’s BollyX, salsa, hip hop, tango, or African dance. If you’re a beginner it’s best to stick to classes at your level. Once you’ve learned the basics you’ll feel more confident to take on more challenging classes. Whether you’re looking to improve your self-esteem or boost your confidence, dance classes are a fantastic activity to try.

If you’re not brave enough to try an in-person dance class, why not check out an app. There are lots of cool dance apps to choose from including Pocket Salsa, Just Dance Now, and iDance. Feel free to contact me for the info to sign up for a virtual BollyX class in your preferred timeslot.

Learn new recipes

Self-care is all about eating delicious and nutritious foods, learning new recipes is a great way to treat yourself. You can learn new recipes with the help of books, articles, or apps. Once you start experimenting, you’ll soon boost your cooking confidence.

If you don’t like the idea of cooking, simply treat yourself to some tasty pre-made food or takeout, these Asian appetizers are a great place to start! Sometimes self-care is about indulgences, whether it’s eating your favorite meal or buying a cute new dress.

home decor wall setup

Enhance your living space

Lastly, enhancing your living space is an amazing way to improve your self-care strategy. Your home can either make you feel wonderful or stressed, depending on how you look after it. There are so many ways you can enhance your living space including:

  • Add beautiful artwork.

  • Buy house plants and flowers.

  • Re-paint your walls in bold colors.

  • Consider using wall murals to beautify the space.

  • Declutter and have a deep clean.

Using these five ideas you’ll create a unique self-care strategy to boost your mental health. There are so many ways that you can improve your health and a self-care regime is a great place to start.

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