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It's time to show your body some love and acceptance!

"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself." - Oprah Winfrey
Understanding your challenges is the first step to overcoming them.
We all face unique challenges that are specific to our life, including how we see our body. However, we all face common areas of overlap that hinder us from living and feeling our absolute best.
Why are you here, scouring the internet to find ways to finally appreciate your body?  Are you...
  • A new mom who's trying to balance your life after your new baby, but can't seem to shake the post-baby blues?
  • Someone who's battled your body and you-you dieted for as long as you can remember?
  • Someone who knows your body is healthy but you can't see anything but self-proclaimed flaws?
No matter your reason for being here, KNOWING it is important.
What do you need?
  • Are you the mom who wants to feel good about her post-baby body?
  • Maybe you just want to be able to wear a sundress without a long cardigan.
  • Perhaps you just want to love your body instead of always falling into the comparison trap.
Identify your reason WHY and hold it near. It even helps to write it down or store it in your phone.  This is where we start working together.  We dig deep into your why to work out the HOW!
With everyone so connected on the internet it seems that everyone is an expert.
How our bodies look isn't always how we see them.  With the rise of social media and photo editing software, beauty has reached an unattainable level - or so we think.  Our bodies allow us to see the most amazing summer sunset, taste the yummiest savory meal on a cold day, smell the freshest flowers on a spring day, touch the softest pillow after a long day, and hear a newborn baby laugh for the first time.  Learning gratitude and appreciating your body for what it is, not for what it's not, is an important starting point.  A woman who's 5'10" will never have the petite frame she wants, but she can learn to love and appreciate her unique frame.
No matter how you see yourself now, you'll learn to love your body and treat it well.
Knowing that you're receiving credible information is of the utmost importance!
We only get one body in this lifetime so we should care for it well.  Furthermore, we shouldn't spend our whole life hating the only body we'll ever have.
My programs and support are designed to specific to YOU because we are all unique.
Lifestyle changes are key.  But let's be honest...change is HARD!
Who actually enjoys change, especially when it's about emotional health and your body?  Not me, and I'm guessing not you either!
I understand that each day brings about new challenges, and some days are much more challenging than others.
I'm here to show you that finding and maintaining a healthy balance is not only possible, but it's also closer to your grasp than you realize.  I've found ways to identify the root cause of why we try to eat our emotions and identified the systematic process to learn to work WITH your body instead of fighting it and ultimately losing.
In the coaching sessions, I explain key steps you can take to work with your body instead of against it and fuel it with the healthy nutrients your body's craving, not the junk you THINK it's craving.

This all sounds great, but I feel like I've already tried EVERYTHING!

Motivation and willpower are great when you have them.  They're usually high when you decide to try and reach a healthy relationship with your body but it's usually short lived.  There will be days when you need to find a different coping method to deal with your daily stressors and emotional highs and lows.  Having me as your personal accountability partner will help increase your ability to reach your goals - even when you're not keen or motivated to do so.  We'll also work together to refine your habits as your lifestyle changes.

Sounds great, but what's this going to cost me?

Each program is tailor-made for YOU. Generic programs are just that - generic.
Meaning that they don't take into account the most important aspect - YOU ARE UNIQUELY YOU!  You have different needs and wants to any other client, and deserve to be treated on YOUR issues, not what's trending.  This is particularly important when discovering your personal views about your body and what you may be experiencing.
Some prefer a hands-off approach where others like a more hands-on approach.  No matter your preference, you'll learn the key steps to take with your body and mind.

Stop Feeling ashamed of your body's unique figure and start being that confident woman!

two women talking outdoors

1:1 Coaching

One option is for the person who wants to fine tune their existing health program and is motivated to make changes (with or without support over 1 month).  Another option is for the person who has unresolved health issues, chronic conditions, or multiple symptoms and diagnoses who needs long term support and accountability.

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This service includes an extensive food and lifestyle review for each individual, a weekly meeting, and written recommendations and resources to help the group reach their individual goals.

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Fit Indy Parties

This service includes a healthy living talk and Q&A session and a 30 minute workout.  Hostess received a menu and recipe guide to prepare the healthy snacks.  All attendees receive an ebook of the talk topic and workout.

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