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BollyX Dances into Indy

BollyX is a Bollywood inspired dance-fitness group exercise program founded in Boston in 2013. BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) is a new program designed to have the same energy and intensity as an original BollyX class without the impact. This 50-minute class will get you to smile and dance like a Bollywood star while getting a great cardiovascular workout! To learn more about BollyX, you can visit our website at Our 60-second video will give you an idea of what to expect. Or feel free to check out our coverage by ABC News, who declared us the new fitness craze.

I'd heard of BollyX in a promotional email last year. I don't know what drew me to it as I'm uncoordinated and not a dancer (despite being in ballet and tap in preschool). I tried some of the videos on BollyX on Demand but they were too fast and I couldn't keep up.

At some point I saw a video of the low impact version and thought that it might be possible for me to do BollyX after all. So, while visiting my family for the holidays, I signed up to be certified. Yes, this uncoordinated girl who's never even participated in a group exercise class began the journey to teach a dance fitness class. After all, I declared 2018 the year of transformation.

It took me about 3 months to complete the certification process. Then it was time to begin practicing my first playlist in its entirety. This was all done at home in the front room, barefoot, and on carpet, all of which is a very different environment than in a gym, where I'd be for classes.

My 39th birthday was coming up so I decided to use that as my first practice class. I invited a few local ladies to join me at the YMCA for a couple of hours on my birthday. 5 said they'd be there but due to the deluge we were having only 3 showed up. I still say that was a good turn out and put less pressure with my stage fright.

Why would I allot 2 hours to a class that's under an hour long? Because I knew there'd be some issues or we'd need to take breaks. It turned out to be so true! The sound system didn't want to work with my MP3 player the whole time; the Bluetooth kept disconnecting or the MP3 player decided to restart. Also, I completely blanked on the choreography for every song. Anyone else would've said it was a disaster but we had fun and that was the most important part.

It's now time to get busy and practice more. I can have a few more practice classes at the YMCA on the weekends or any other facility, as long as they already have music licensing set up. I can't wait to share the BollyX love with Indy!

I'd love to connect with Group Fitness Managers or Studio Owners downtown or on the south side of Indianapolis about bringing the BollyX program to their facilities. Please contact me to set up a call or meeting.

Know of an event you'd like to see BollyX at? Email me with the details and I'll see who's available to participate.

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