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About Me

Cassandra Schmigotzki

If it has to do with feeling better and healthier in your own skin, I can help.

So, let's start with why you're here. Is it because you want to

  • learn how to make healthy food swaps yet still enjoy eating?

  • uncover ways to break the cycle of emotional eating?

  • find workouts you enjoy to keep you active?

  • lose the weight that just won't go away?

  • be strong and energized for your family?

  • better manage stress and bring more calm into your life?

I'm Cassandra and I figured all those things out. Then I started helping friends and family members figure all those things out--by creating plans that worked for them! I realize a cookie-cutter formula is not the solution.

I've always wanted to help people but never knew how or doing what. My own journey to losing 110 pounds and becoming healthier in my activity level and food choices answered that question. The Brand New Me Wellness Programs came out of my ability to help women transform their lives as I have.

Click here to sign up for my FREE ebook where I share 5 tips to reduce the stress in your life.


I've worked with women just like you to feel better and learn to honestly love and appreciate the body they've been given. It IS possible to honestly love your body in today's photo-shopped world; I can't wait to help show you how!

NETA Group Exercise Instructor Certification
NETA Wellness Coaching Certification
BollyX Low Impact Instructor Certification
GGS-1 Certified Women's Coaching Specialist
Know Your Lemons Certified Global Educator
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