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Is food your BFF in times of stress?

Do anxiety-ridden situations send you running to your favorite comfort foods?

Then it's time to reverse this trend in your life and get you on a healthy eating track!

This 8 week journey will take you on an adventure of self-discovery where you'll dig up a treasure trove of tools to regain control over your emotional eating and finally enjoy life.

What's Included


8 Weekly lessons delivered to your email


Engaging homework assignments


Private Facebook group for questions, interactions, and support


Unlimited email support


Weekly group virtual meeting to review the lessons and your progress (recorded)

You will receive the accountability, tips, and tools to get you through this transformation.

Lesson Topics

The Importance of Awareness

Recognizing and being mindful of your triggers

Understanding How Stress Affects Your Emotions & Behaviors

Identifying your stressors and how cortisol affects your body

Building Your Emotional Eating Toolkit

Books with advice on coping skills, techniques to help you through an emotional eating episode, and alternatives to seeking food

Choosing Goodness over Food to Fill an Emotional Void

Pursuing joys, passions, and your purpose

7 Day Reset

Healthy eating and physical activites

Trading Bad Habits for Good

Healthy habits to replace negative behaviors

Prioritizing YOU

The importance of "me time"

Putting it All Together

Reflecting upon what you've learned about yourself and your new tools

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