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3 Major Sources of Stress for Parents

Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs that exist. Parents are concerned with aspects of their children’s upbringings, their relationships with spouses and other family members, their careers, and more. Parental stress should be understood so that parents can find ways to better cope, so be aware of these three in particular!

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Your Child’s Wellbeing

One of the biggest sources of stress for parents is their child’s wellbeing. According to Tribeca Play Therapy, parents worry that their children are eating properly to get all the nutrients they need and that they are getting fresh air and exercise. Parents want their children to do well in school, and they are usually concerned about their child’s education and if they are doing enough to support it. Being a parent means constantly wanting to protect your children from harm. Parents also worry about their children staying safe, whether they are riding a bicycle or crossing the street or being around strangers.

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Financial Worries

Being a parent also comes with financial stresses. Having children is expensive, especially as parents want to be able to provide children with everything they could ever need or want. Meeting this expectation can be easier said than done, however. Parents are also worried about saving money for their children in the future. Budgeting is a good idea for families to be able to plan and afford all of their expenses. According to Power Finance Texas, knowing where your money is going is one of the first steps to getting your financial life in order.

reading bedtime story to child

Time Demands

Another thing parents worry about is how they are spending their time. According to First Cry Parenting, parents want to give as much time as possible to their children, but often get pulled in lots of different directions and have a lot of demands on their time. Parents worry about spending enough time with their spouses as well. Family together time is something most families seek to have, but this often has to be planned for because of busy schedules. One or both parents could be working, which adds more demands on time. While it can be hard to find the right balance, setting aside time to check in with a child each day is essential. A good time to do this is before bed.

Being a parent requires a lot of juggling and a lot of patience. It is common to become overwhelmed and stressed out as a parent. Recognizing what is causing you stress as a parent is the first step to managing it!

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