5 Mindful Ways to Express Thanks

One of the keys to mindful living is learning how to express your gratitude. A little bit goes a long way, and if someone has helped you recently, it’s important to show them a small token of your appreciation. The first step is to actually say the words. It might be difficult to remember sometimes if you’ve been going through a hard time. Here are some other mindful ways to say thank you.

Giving gifts

Sometimes the best way to give thanks is with a simple or practical gift. Many people appreciate the type of gift they can use, such as vouchers for shopping like butterball gift checks or alternatives. These are handy and versatile, and give the recipient the option to choose what they want themselves.

Always opt for sentimental value over cost. A thoughtful gift will go more appreciated than an expensive yet impersonal one. Gratitude in itself is a gift but a small token to make them smile will go a long way. Taking the time to listen to them and they will give you the inspiration you need for a perfect surprise.

Write a gratitude letter

Spend some time thinking about what you appreciate most about the person you want to express thanks to, then write this down in a letter. It doesn’t have to be very long, a simple note will suffice. You could surprise them with this in the post or through their door. A tangible note is a lot more effective than a text message.

You could try making your own thank you card. There are plenty of online templates if you’re not feeling very artistic. Why not personalize it and add photos of you together? This is a very simple yet meaningful way to express your gratitude.

Creative expression

Even if your artistic talents aren’t your strongest, you can still try and get creative. There are plenty of inspiring ideas online. Try out the Tate gallery interactive activities for example. You could prepare a picture of your friend in the style of Andy Warhol, or their favorite artist.

Ask how someone is

When you’re feeling overwhelmed sometimes it’s hard to step back and put your problems aside. This is key however if you are learning to live more mindfully. Take a breath and stop focusing on your own negativity, instead make the effort to ask how your loved ones are doing. They could well be harboring something as well, that you haven’t given them the time to express.

Make a gratitude scrapbook

It’s time to get creative again. Put together photos and memories of everything you are thankful for. You could do this as a gift, or just to express your own feelings of gratitude for all the positive things in your life.

If you want to express thanks to a teacher or family member, for example, you could organize a group project to collect shared ideas. Each one of you could prepare your own page, and create something they will treasure forever.


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