Why Matcha is a Wellness Must-Have

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Matcha green tea has received a lot of attention as of late. If you walk into any coffee shop, you’re likely to see some sort of Matcha treat on the menu. Not only does Matcha have a striking green color, but it offers a number of health benefits as well, which we will discuss.

Why Should You Drink Matcha?

The main reason why Matcha is so beneficially and widely touted is that it is incredibly high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help stabilize damaging free radicals; the compounds that cause chronic disease by damaging cells.

Matcha is also beneficial in terms of scalp care and hair growth. This is because it features a lot of vitamin E, which helps promote hair growth and aids in circulation to the scalp. If you’re experiencing a considerable amount of hair loss, though, it’s not going to be able to help with that. You should look into PRP for hair loss, yet adding Matcha to your diet is still a good way to keep your scalp healthy.

There are many other benefits as well. Matcha is not only good for the hair, but good for your skin. It can give you a good energy boost, yet a much more stable boost than you will get with coffee. It can also help boost brain function and protect the liver too.

How to Know if the Matcha You Have Bought is Good or Bad

From assisting with weight loss to providing stress relief, drinking Matcha green tea is exceptionally beneficial. However, for you to experience the gains, you have to choose the best Matcha tea. Here are some tips for you when you are determining whether you have purchased a Matcha of good quality or not:

The bad news is that differentiating good Matcha from bad while it is still inside the packaging can be a difficult task. So, you must do a little research about the retailer before buying Matcha green tea from them. It is vital that you locate a trustworthy source, and, also, try to read some reviews about the company online. You know you have to look for another vendor once you see a large quantity of negative comments.

Once you take the Matcha out from the packaging, you can easily judge it and see whether it is good or bad. Two significant factors can be considered before actually drinking the Matcha: first, the smell, and then the color. If you can smell a dusty and stale scent from the Matcha, you should be suspicious about your purchase, as it should smell fresh and enticing. It also has to be a vivid spring green shade of color. If you have received Matcha that’s a faded green or yellow, you have bought a bad quality product. Your Matcha tea might have been ground with the branches and stems, or it’s not at its prime anymore, or perhaps both reasons apply. Once you drink the Matcha, you will immediately be able to tell whether it is of a good standard or not. Good Matcha has a sweet and scrumptious taste.

My favorite source for all things tea is Donna Yarema of Teapots 'n Treasures. She currently has Matcha available in her Just Tea sampler. Join us in her Facebook group, TeaPots n Treasures, to talk Matcha or anything about teas.

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