You Deserve a Break: How to Break from Your Busy Schedule and Make Time for Yourself

Building a healthy life is rarely easy — it’s something you often have to fight to make time for, whether your goal is mental health or physical fitness. If you find that you’re consistently out of time for yourself, it's time to push back. Your long-term wellbeing depends on it.

Get Outside

Getting fresh air and natural light every day is a great way to protect your heart from damage due to stress. In addition, adding more fresh air to your life can help you sleep better and may even make it easier to lose weight. There are several physical and mental health benefits of urban green spaces, going out in the woods or mountains or other places in nature. When it's time to get back to work, you'll be refreshed and ready to tackle your next project.

Pick Up a Hobby

A hobby is a fun way to spend time. It's important to remember that your hobby doesn't have to be something you're extremely good at. In fact, it's good for your brain to be a beginner and to learn constantly. Don't worry about trying to turn it into a side hustle — just do what you love and let that be enough. Try picking up a musical instrument for the first time or taking a beginning yoga class. Download Duolingo and start learning a new language. Let yourself be a beginner, make mistakes, and don't worry about building expertise. Just have fun!

Get a Pet

One of the nicest things about having a pet in your home that needs your attention is that it forces you to set a quitting time every day. You can't work too late when you have to go home and walk the dog, feed the cat, or check on your pet lizard. If your pet requires fresh air, you'll have to get some too. Even if they don't need to get out, you will spend some hands-on time with your pet, and this is a great way to relax deeply and simply be present, enjoying your time with your animal.

If owning a pet is prohibited by your housing situation, consider finding a volunteer opportunity where you can help out with adoptive animals or strays that need attention. Animals require little from you but your time and focus, and the benefits to your mind and heart from this simple action can be astounding.

Building a healthier life takes focus and may feel a little selfish, especially if you've been a caregiver for most of your life. However, your future health depends on the self-care you make time for now, so put some time and effort into building habits of relaxation and health. You are worth it.

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