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Why You Should Go Outside More for Fresh Air

Have you ever gone outside after a long day of work and felt rejuvenated by a deep breath of fresh air? It can always feel wonderful to get outside after being cooped up inside for a while, but it can also have some health benefits that you might not be aware of. Here are a few reasons why you should go outside for more fresh air.

Cassandra Schmigotzki Private Pool at The Celebrity House, Los Abrigados, Sedona

Improve Your Immune System

First of all, going outside regularly for fresh air can help to improve your immune system. The vitamins you can get when you go outside, like vitamin D, can help strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling healthy and strong. If you don’t go outside enough, your body will suffer physically as you have a vitamin D deficiency. Exercising outside can also help your immune system, even if you’re just walking or hiking and aren’t doing any super strenuous activity. It can increase your blood flow and help you to get better sleep, both of which improve your immune system.

Cassandra & Bernd Schmigotzki, Grand Canyon

Reduce Your Stress

Going outside for more fresh air can also help you to reduce your stress. Spending time in the sun can help ease your depression symptoms. Even just being outside for 20-30 minutes can help you relax and calm your mind and better manage your stressful feelings. If you feel less stressed, you’ll be able to manage your responsibilities more successfully and better handle other mental health challenges that you may have. This is one reason why it is essential to go outside and get fresh air on a daily basis since it will help you to improve your overall mental health.

Cassandra Schmigotzki, Grand Canyon, Hiking stick

Increase Oxygen Flow

A huge health benefit of getting fresh air daily is that it will increase oxygen flow to your cells and in your lungs. Having sufficient oxygen flow to your cells can help to improve your blood circulation. It can also improve cell function which can positively impact your digestive system. Fresh air can also strengthen and clean your lungs. Indoor air often has toxins, especially if you live in an older house. Outdoor air can help to filter and clean out those toxins so you have clean oxygen that your lungs can enjoy. This will help your lungs to be healthier and avoid disease.

So, if you’ve been wanting to get outside more regularly, now you have even more of an excuse to do so. Remember that getting regular fresh air can help to improve your immune system, reduce your stress, and increase oxygen flow to your lungs and cells. Getting outside daily can help you to feel better and live a healthier and happier life.

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