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When You Should See a Physical Therapist

woman in black sitting on the floor to stretch

Many people who have been injured or have lost mobility are tempted to forego physical therapy. They think that they can simply Google a few exercises and call it good. However, a physical therapist is trained to find and target the problem area and know exactly how to help you get your old self back in ways that self-diagnosis just can’t manage. They also ensure that you stick to your plan. Here are common reasons to see a physical therapist.

learning exercises with a band at physical therapy

To Prevent Issues

Physical therapy isn’t just for injuries and accidents. It is also highly effective at keeping issues from arising. A physical therapist can help you develop an exercise plan that will help you maintain your mobility, strength, and balance throughout your life. A good physical therapist can watch the way you move during your workouts and with functional movement and offer suggestions for how to improve your form and technique to avoid future injuries.

woman learning how to walk in physical therapy

After an Accident

One of the most critical times to see a physical therapist is after an accident. Injuries can weaken the muscles and tendons surrounding them, severely limiting your range of motion and strength. Car accident injuries can be particularly severe and debilitating. Sports injuries also commonly require physical therapy. Make sure you consult with your doctor on when to start physical therapy. Just keep in mind that, in general, the sooner you start physical therapy, the better your recovery will be. It is much easier to recover strength and mobility before developing chronic issues.

kinesiology taping by physical therapist

Avoid Surgery

Physical therapy might even help you to avoid surgery. Sometimes, surgery can be avoided if you can strengthen surrounding muscles and connective tissues. For example, knee pain can be addressed by strengthening the hip flexor and quadriceps. There are many similar examples. Your surgeon is the best person to ask if you can first give physical therapy a shot before undergoing surgery. They will also be able to recommend a good physical therapist for your specific needs.

Physical therapy is there to help you recover strength and mobility after an accident. However, it is so much more than that. It can help you avoid surgery and even prevent future injuries. It is well worth setting up a few appointments with a qualified physical therapist if they can save you a great deal of pain and chronic problems down the road.

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