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What to Do When You Get Sick of the Gym

The crowds, the creeps, the best equipment always being taken – sometimes, it’s very easy to get tired of your regular gym. Don’t be afraid to switch things up! Here are some alternatives to your normal exercise routine.

woman running on outdoor path

Take a Walk or Run Out in Nature

The advantage of a treadmill in a gym is that you can run for miles and not actually have to go anywhere. The disadvantage is that... you can run for miles and not actually have to go anywhere! Taking your normal exercise time outside can do a whole lot of good for you. The scientific benefits of spending more time in nature are clear. This way you can soak up some sun and some beautiful scenery instead of staring at the gym’s back wall! If you’re worried about finding a proper challenge, maybe try to explore some of the more hilly and mountainous parts of your locality. Talk to local hiking enthusiasts to find out where the most beautiful locations are and discover a kind of private exercise that fulfills like none other.

person swimming laps in pool

Visit a Community Pool

It’s also a good idea to look for exercise inspiration outside of your normal comfort zone. If all you have done regularly is lift weights or run – maybe you should consider swimming. There are many local community centers that offer free usage of a high-quality, well-maintained pool, often with lifeguards and showers. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of cardio, make sure to ease yourself into it. You can even join me Wednesday and Thursday evenings for AquaFit (water aerobics) at the Irsay YMCA.

Proper form can prevent injury when you swim. Start off by making sure you know (at least somewhat) what it is that you’re doing. Serious athletic injuries aren’t necessarily common in pools, but athletic individuals who dive headfirst – no pun intended – into an unfamiliar sport can injure themselves more easily.

BollyX dance class

Try a New Class

There is a massive wealth of simple, fun exercise solutions for people at any level of athleticism that can be found in most cities. They can be lots of fun, too! The options can range from sports, to dance, to martial arts. Yoga is a slow burn, a sometimes more spiritual option that will test your flexibility and core strength. Classes for Zumba and other dance-based exercises will guarantee lots of fun, whereas martial arts can guarantee practical skills.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone. There are so many options for exercise that expand beyond the gym. If you give yourself time to explore, acclimate, and develop good habits, you’ll find better alternatives to the gym in no time!

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