Take the Stairs (Officially) Today!

Today is officially Take the Stairs Day, an attempt by someone somewhere to insert movement into your life. And what a perfect day to start a new little something that can make a big difference!

Taking the stairs challenges the body’s biggest muscle group, the legs, and adds a little cardiovascular challenge for the heart and lungs. This cardio boost is more than just a minute of breathlessness. It improves your cardio strength and stamina, boosts your metabolism, and even changes your mood!

That’s right; that quick burst of energy can help the brain pop off some dopamine without the sugar crash.

Once you take the stairs for a day, consider making it a regular habit. Look for the stairs in buildings. If you work in an office building, find the stairs between floors rather than taking the elevator. Enjoy the few minutes of movement.

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Carrie Harper is an ACE Certified Pre and Post Natal Fitness Expert and Author of Flatten my Postpartum Belly. She can be found at www.carriefit.com.

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