Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

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I'm a part of the Book Launch Team for Molly Galbraith's new book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up. I'm so excited to be working with Molly and the Girls Gone Strong team to spread this message to more women!

This week the Book Launch Team is covering the first 3 chapters. I was surprised to have such a quick read on my phone. There are questions/activities throughout the book that I thought I'd write up my responses as blog posts. I'm not listing the the questions as my responses flow together and I end up answering a later question in one train of thought.

A scarcity mindset is basically feeling that there will never be enough of something for yourself. This mindset can cause a person to believe that they'll never have the success of others or there are no more opportunities for them to take advantage of. The above list are common ways that the scarcity mindset shows up; I've highlighted the two that frequently come across my mind, even for a fleeting moment. Do any of these resonate with you too?

At some point we've all had negative thoughts about ourselves or our bodies; this is completely normal for that to happen. What isn't good is dwelling on them or allowing these thoughts to knock ourselves down, preventing us from doing things that we want to do.

I guess the fact that I've never thought of myself as sexy would fall into this area. Both husbands have thought I was sexy, random dudes I've come across have thought I was sexy...but I've never thought of myself that way and have just laughed it off when someone's told me I was sexy. I feel weird trying to do sexy things in my attempts to feel sexy.

Another negative thought I have is embarrassment over gaining back almost all the weight I lost. I worked hard to lose those 110 lbs in 21 months and become a coach in the process. How could I have let this happen? These thoughts sometimes pop up when I'm looking in the mirror or when I struggle to get my pants zipped. But then I think about things like the fact that I'm wearing a smaller size than before, how stronger I am than I was before, someone telling me that I look taller since starting my journey, etc. And then the negative thought passes.

I sometimes stress about my exercise, not knowing what to do when. Like with my intention for dancing this year. I know that I want to practice BollyX Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and one weekend day but have no idea what I'm doing on the other days. I have committed to two 21 day programs on Grokker around my BollyX practices - Basic Training with Keith Lazarus and 21-Day Cardio Sculpt.

From birth I have never felt like I've fit into any molds. I'm always adapting the standards to fit my personality, life, etc. There are a lot of these adaptations floating around my head so this is useful for tweaking a client's wellness plan to work for them as situations arise.

For self care, I regularly move my body, garden in the summer months, and read fiction before falling asleep in bed. I have never felt guilt taking time to engage in self care.

Have you noticed how scarcity mindset affects those around you and shows up in your environment? My coworkers are constantly talking about how fat they are and how their weight's preventing them from doing things. I try not to say anything in response but feel like I need to change this and start saying something positive about them.

This week, notice and record what you see and hear that's representative of the scarcity mindset around you. This awareness will begin to lay the foundation to overcome your own scarcity mindset.

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