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Small Things Add Up Using Your Superpower

Lifting other women up doesn't require huge amounts of time or effort, just maybe a little thought. Chapter 7 of Strong Women Lift Each Other Up covers 8 small but mighty ways to do so. Some of the ways are well known and others are rarely used, possibly out of fear. All of these make a woman feel valued and supported. All your small efforts will add up.

8 small but mighty ways to lift women up

Sharing what another woman has done is pretty straightforward. This helps bring her to a wider audience. When sharing, be sure to note what you like about it.

Genuine compliments should be made about qualities other than her appearance, such as a woman's creativity, compassion, or confidence. This helps her identify and use her strengths with all she does in the future.

Catching a woman doing something right is basically complimenting her for something she's done. This gives her a boost of confidence and, if it's at her place of employment, increases her reputation.

It's important to give a woman credit for her contributions. Women are often overlooked and their ideas credited to others so they miss out on gaining things such as trust, social capital, and relationships. Giving credit where credit is due helps the ideas gain support and traction.

Being intentional with your spending involves shopping at women-owned small businesses. This not only supports the owner but also the other women the business interacts with. The business gains the potential for expansion, creating new jobs and other opportunities for women.

Endorsements and recommendations can be done virtually anywhere. They help increase a woman's sales and gain new opportunities.

Speaking up when you hear something negative about another woman is probably the most difficult of the 8 to do. You feel some combination of awkward, weird, or scary doing it. It's also risky for you. Speaking up can prevent the woman's reputation damage or boost it instead. It could be a wake-up call to the speaker because they don't realize they're even doing it. Speaking up is also a benefit to you, enabling you to live true to yourself and your values.

We've all heard of calling someone out but calling someone in is a term I hadn't heard of before. Calling out is public while calling in is private. It helps the person to see other perspectives and encourages her to do better. It also minimizes harm and potentially prevents future damage.

your superpower

What's your superpower? How can you use it to help other women? Chapter 9 of Strong Women Lift Each Other Up explores ways you can make a difference using your unique combo of values, skills, knowledge, talents, passion, and resources. Mentoring, hiring or referring women, creating something new, volunteering, and donating are the examples discussed. The chapter wraps up with exercises to create your "superpower statement."

I grew up helping people; it's something I've always done. I chose to work with women vs. anyone simply because, as a woman, I relate more to other women than men. Women new to healthy living like I was or returning after a hiatus of life are both starting from scratch to uncover their brand new healthier selves. The women I work with have usually had something external trigger their desire to change their lifestyle. They're all stuck or have no idea what path to take to do this. So what's my superpower statement?

I'm passionate about using my skills and knowledge of healthier eating, phsyical activity, personal development, and self care practices to help women (re)gain control of their health so they can live out their dreams with their families.

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