Motivation Comes from Within

Most people who struggle with remaining active during the colder months may not realize that motivation to continue comes from within. Why do you want to exercise? If you know why – and those reasons are strong enough – maintaining motivation may come easier.

Do you want to lose weight? Most doctors, weight loss experts, and those who have successfully lost and kept weight off will tell you that you need to be active to lose weight. Why do you want to lose weight? Knowing why you want to lose weight can be a source of inspiration to keep exercising on its own.

Your doctor has told you that you’re carrying too much weight. The extra weight, if left, could cause some health issues you’d rather not deal with. Diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses are exacerbated by carrying extra weight. Increasing your activity level can help you shed the pounds and help you firm up. It can also help you avoid some of the health issues that so often plague people who are overweight or not active.

Most women do not realize that their weight can be the cause of fertility issues. In fact, thirty percent of all fertility problems are related to the woman’s weight – whether the woman is overweight or underweight. Losing even 5 percent of their bodyweight can enhance their fertility and chance of conceiving. It’s also important to realize that not being activity can also affect fertility, not only for the woman, but for the man as well.

Women can, according to research done recently, decrease their infertility by 5% by exercising vigorously for an hour per week. Men also benefit from being physically active. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that men who do 15 or more hours of moderate exercise each week will have higher sperm counts. So, if you’re trying to have children but have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant, lack of physical exercise could partially be the issue. Of course, you’ll want to discuss this with your own doctor to confirm their suggestions.

Your high school reunion is four months away. Over the years, you have added a few pounds. Your best friend is getting married in the spring and she has asked you to be her bridesmaid. If you want to lose weight for a specific event, it can be motivation. Regularly being active, regardless of the activity, can help you shed the pounds. It can also improve your mood because of the endorphins that exercise releases.

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight including a specific event they want to attend and look their best, improving their overall health, combating a particular health issue, or because they want to have children. No matter what your reason is, know WHY you want to lose weight, and become or continue to be more physically active, will help you achieve the motivation you need to keep exercising even when the cold winds blow.

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