Managing PCOS: 4 Ways to Deal With the Diagnosis

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Updated January 11, 2020.

There are more than three million cases of PCOS in the United States each year. Polycystic ovary syndrome causes a woman to experience imbalanced hormone levels that result in a number of health issues. This can include infertility, problems maintaining a healthy body mass index, skin problems, and mood swings. While there is still a lot to be learned about PCOS, new research suggests that elevated prenatal anti-Müllerian hormone could cause it. While there is no certain cure for PCOS, there are a number of ways that a woman can deal with the diagnosis that she has received.

Weight Management

Many women that have been diagnosed with PCOS have issues with their weight. However, it’s incredibly important to try and maintain a healthy weight to combat PCOS symptoms. Being overweight or underweight can contribute to even worse symptoms. It’s a good idea to utilize a healthy diet in combination with regular physical activity. A healthy PCOS diet should consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and minimal processed foods.

Hormonal Changes

There are a lot of hormonal changes that can occur over the course of each menstrual cycle when you have PCOS. Many women with this condition don’t get their periods on a regular basis because of their imbalanced hormones. There are a number of natural ways that you can try to balance your hormones. Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6 can act as a hormone stabilizer. Some doctors recommend that their PCOS patients go on birth control as a way to keep their hormone levels regulated.

Watch Your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar plays a very important role in your hormone levels. You can experience a big imbalance in your estrogen and testosterone levels if you’re not maintaining proper blood sugar levels, which can result in a flare-up of PCOS symptoms. Stay far away from refined sugars. They only cause the body’s insulin levels to drastically go up and down. Stick to healthy foods throughout the day that provides your body with the nourishment it needs to maintain a good blood sugar level.

Find a Doctor That Can Help

It’s incredibly important that you find a doctor that is knowledgeable on the topic of PCOS. This will provide you with the education and guidance that you need to stay healthy and manage your condition. If you are faced with fertility issues at some point, your doctor will be able to help you navigate this challenge the best way that they can. It’s always a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge when you are diagnosed with a health condition of any kind.

PCOS is a condition that can be very challenging to live with. Many women find they have a flare-up of symptoms, only to have it subside after a certain amount of time. In order to prevent these flares, try things like the ones listed above so you can take better care of your body and your condition.

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