Love Note Day: Let’s Bring Back the Art of Written Romance

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Ah, love notes. This is a plea to bring them back and the timing seems right with the annual September occasion Love Note Day being just around the corner.

What’s to Love about Love Notes

Firstly, and perhaps what I love most about the written lines on a piece of paper is that the feelings you express to your partner are completely unique. The gratitude, joy, and affection you feel is special and something only you know in your heart.

Now is your opportunity to express that! And exactly how you do so is totally up to you. It can vary by length - 2 lines or 200 lines? And what about the style, will it be handwritten or typed? And then the all-important format: poem, letter, or... It’s up to you.

But of all the options could be overwhelming so feel free to reach out friends and family whose opinions you trust for help on crafting a romantic message for the September day, her birthday, Christmas, another special occasion, or “just because.”

Another thing I adore about love notes is that you share with your significant other feelings that you might not otherwise have a chance to say in day-to-day life. Maybe there hasn’t been an opportunity to express how grateful you are for their support of your new job.

Or, to say you appreciate them for simply being there when you get home at the end of a tough day. Now, with this note, you can express that sentiment. And you have the time to really think through your word choice in the days before you give them the special gift.

Is it romantic? Absolutely. Budget-friendly too.

A Present from the Heart

When you think romance, what comes to mind right away? For many people, it’s flowers, chocolate, or another object you buy. But how do you buy romance, really… I don’t think you can.

Instead, express yourself with words, which likely means far more to her or him than if you got something at a store that anybody could buy. No two love notes are the same, which only adds to how wonderful they are.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a strong writer, it’s the message behind the words and the thought you put into writing it that will matter more to your partner than grammatical correctness. There’s no expectation to be a wordsmith – In fact, there’s no expectation at all as it’s a gift that he or she doesn’t see coming and so they’ll be delighted by whatever you create!

You may even find that as you write the lines it’s surprisingly easier to express yourself than you might have thought. For many people, writing can be an easier way to communicate feelings than verbally.

Who knows, it could be that you have such a treat writing the love note that you decide to do it again – Or they write one for you one day in return! Once delivered, the special gesture becomes a keepsake and I hope you both cherish it for a long time to come.

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About Christy Birmingham

Christy is a blogger and author who loves Canada’s west coast. She focuses on helping women in all areas of their lives to be at their best. Find her at When Women Inspire, and feel free to connect too on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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