Illuminate Your Own Possibilities

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
- Joseph Campbell

When making a plan and setting your goals it's impossible to predict things that could go wrong. It's not good to focus these things anyway but you still make room for them by being flexible. This not only reduces stress but also opens the door for unexpected opportunities.

Shortly Before My Journey Began

I'd always known that I was meant to help others but not how. When I came across the diabetes prevention study I had no idea where it would lead. After all, I'd participated in research studies for years. When they said that I qualified for the full study I said, "Why not." I had nothing to lose but the weight. This meat and potatoes kid who hated veggies and exercising stepped onto the path to wellness with no expectations.

I made a few changes to what and how I was eating. As I saw progress I made a few more. Then suddenly, about 6 weeks in, I decided that I WANTED to add in an exercise component. This came as a huge shocker. I never understood the point of gym class. I made extra effort to avoid any physical activity beyond what was necessary. So the desire to exercise had to be strong to bust through.

I checked out some DVD programs from the library and previewed them all with my husband, Benny. I picked the one out that looked to be the easiest for me to do. It turned out to give me some of the flexibility and balance I'd lost over the years. After those 12 weeks were over, I signed up to be a coach. And, as they say, the rest is history.

If I hadn't been a research study participant I would've never heard about the study that launched my journey. If I hadn't been flexible with my plans along the way I would've never uncovered my passion and purpose as a Wellness Coach for Women.

Based upon my observations and thoughts this week, I will

  • STOP being so rigid in scheduling things.

  • START planning activities for the year.

  • CONTINUE finding self care activities that are enjoyable to me.


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