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How to Stay Energized Throughout Your Day

As a woman, you have a lot on your plate. There is so much that needs to be done, both for yourself and the people around you, that days can be draining under the best circumstances. It’s even harder when you feel like you don’t even have the energy you need to keep up with the day’s demands from the start. So what can you do to keep your energy levels up?

balance exercise in workout class

Stay Active

You might think that physical activity would drain you of your energy, but engaging in healthy levels of physical activity can actually give you an energy boost. Exercise helps you get your blood pumping, sending oxygen throughout your body and helping create energy. According to Olympic Staffing, staying mentally engaged in what you’re doing can help you feel more energetic as well. It’s a lot easier to feel energetic when you’re able to clearly focus on what you’re doing.

woman sleeping weith baby

Get Enough Sleep

One of the most important, and yet most commonly missing pieces to the energy puzzle, is getting enough sleep. So many people don’t get the sleep they need, and daily energy levels suffer as a result. Exactly how much sleep you should be getting will vary from person to person, but what doesn’t is the fact that the quality of your sleep is just as crucial as the quantity. According to Quality Sleep, about 45% of adults snore during the night, affecting the quality of their sleep. Noise levels, ambient temperature, and room brightness can also impact how soundly you’re able to sleep. Make sure you have a good sleeping environment so you can give yourself your best chance at a good night’s sleep.

woman drinking water with cucumber, lemon, and mint

Drink Plenty of Water

You might be tempted to reach for the coffee during an afternoon slump, but you could be better off reaching for your water bottle instead. Sure, caffeine can give you an energy boost, but Ohio State University says it can artificially stimulate a stress response in your body, which is especially not helpful later in the day. Instead, reach for a glass of ice-cold water. Drinking cold water can be especially refreshing, and splashing a little on your face can help you feel more awake by increasing the blood flow to your head. You can always add flavor by infusing your water with cucumbers and fresh fruit as well!

Staying energized throughout the day can be easier said than done sometimes, but there are ways to help. Staying active, getting the sleep you need, and drinking plenty of water are great foundational moves that can lay the groundwork for a healthier, happier, more energetic you. What are your favorite ways to stay energized throughout the day?

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