How to Move on After a Bad Breakup

Don't be fooled by romantic comedies or how quickly a friend may seem to get over a breakup; even the easiest of breakups are challenging to navigate and overcome. During those critical moments after the end of a relationship, it can be hard to know how to handle the situation and get your emotions out. The first holiday season afterwards can feel miserable. Here are a few tips to help you move on after a bad breakup.

Let Yourself Feel Emotions

Both relationships and breakups are a rollercoaster. After a relationship comes to an end, it can feel impossible to decipher whether you miss the person or the idea of the relationship. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one may find themselves ignoring their own feelings so that they do not feel the emotions they are experiencing. It is important to let yourself feel whatever it is you are going through, even if it doesn't make sense. Some days are better than others; however, it is okay to be upset about the situation from time to time. The first step of overcoming a bad breakup is allowing yourself to grieve the relationship.

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Find Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes help people feel inspired and ready to seek out the path that is there for them. Finding inspirational quotes helps keep you centered and connected so that you can continue to have hope in better days. It also helps to know that someone has been in your shoes before and overcame a bad breakup. Inspirational quotes can shed light on both good and bad days. Some people prefer reading quotes on their phone whenever they are feeling upset whereas others keep their favorite quotes written in a journal or notebook.

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Cut off All Contact

If children aren't involved, no contact is exactly what you need after a breakup, as it provides space and time to process the situation. Many people fear the idea of blocking or ignoring their ex as they are too emotionally connected to the situation to see why it is necessary. Keeping in contact with an ex after a breakup may result in one partner overlooking why the breakup occurred or feeling upset if the other is moving on. It is best to keep your distance by blocking or deleting your ex on social media for the first few weeks or months.

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Find What Makes You Happy

Try new things, or get back into old hobbies. Whatever you do, find what brings you joy and happiness. After a breakup, it is easy to become sucked into feeling like nothing matters, which is precisely why you must make yourself happy. Use the breakup as a way to improve yourself and enjoy life through a whole new set of eyes! Doing so will also help you keep your mind off things and give you a chance to destress.

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