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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout Class

group strength training class with barbells

Getting a little exercise into your day is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. And sometimes it can be intimidating to go into the gym yourself, especially if you are new to working out. This is why many women find great success and joy from workout classes, exercising with others under the direction of a fitness pro. But getting the max out of a workout class can also be a challenge. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of your workout class.

table top with office supplies and tech. "A goal should scare you a little & excite you A LOT." Joe Vitale

Set Goals

When joining or starting a new workout class, the first thing you should do is set goals for yourself. Having specific and measurable goals to strive for gives you something very concrete to work towards, and a specific set of parameters to measure your improvement. Make sure that your goals are realistic, change takes time with your body. According to LifeHack, you should also ensure that you choose a goal that is measurable and specific. If your goal is something like “have more energy through the day” that is going to be difficult to measure and track as compared to a goal like “go from 2 to 3 miles biking per spin class”. Having a goal will give you something to push yourself towards and maximize your outcomes.

to women wearing comfortable workout clothing

Wear Comfortable Clothing

There is nothing more annoying than trying to work out in uncomfortable clothing. You need to prioritize getting gym wear that is form-fitting, comfortable, and allows for free movement. But you should also wear gym clothes that make you feel good, which can give you a major confidence boost that will shine through in your workout. A great option for gym clothing is dancewear, which will allow for great freedom of movement. As Jo+Jax points out, dancewear can also be used for other purposes like yoga and pilates. Wearing comfortable clothes will help you stay focused on your workout, and feel confident and beautiful in the gym.

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Don’t Skip Out on Classes

Going to your workout every session is essential to getting the most out of your class. Make sure that your family understands that you are committed to your workout class and that you are going to prioritize it in your schedule. If you aren’t going to every class, you are missing out on opportunities to train, make friends, and improve your fitness. Consistency will also help you continue exercising in the future, habits are built over time.

Workout classes are a great way to get involved in the gym. Workout classes foster friendships and health improvement through exercise facilitated by an exercise professional. If you follow these three tips, then you are prepared to get the max out of your workout class.

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