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How to Create a Healthier Lifestyle at Home

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Your home is a refuge for you and all who enter, which means it should be a place that promotes a healthy lifestyle. There are many simple ways to create a home environment that supports and protects your emotional, mental, and physical health. Here are three suggestions to consider implementing today.

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Add Natural Elements

One simple way to promote better emotional health in your home is to introduce more houseplants. Houseplants are not just about décor. They purify the air and have emotional healing and restorative abilities. Houseplants promote peace and calm. They also provide gentle reminders. They remind us to breathe. They remind us that the little things bring the most joy. They remind us to be present. They remind us of our needs. They remind us that we all possess our own unique beauty. And they give us something to care for, which everyone needs in their life.

woman wearing blue  shirt cleaning windows with blue rag

Cleaning Regularly

A clean house is a healthier house. Keeping your house clean keeps harmful viruses and bacteria at bay. It also reduces asthma and allergy episodes triggered by dust and allergen particles. Because standard cleaners are expensive and full of harsh chemicals, you might want to use natural cleaning products. You can make natural cleaning solutions with common household items. Good examples are white vinegar, baking soda, salt, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. House cleaning also provides an under-appreciated mood boost. A clean and tidy home is known to reduce stress. The physical exertion of housecleaning combined with the instant gratification of a cleaner space can also improve your mental health.

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Switch to Essential Oils for Freshening the Air

Candles and air fresheners are a great way to leave your home smelling great. The problem is that they also fill the air with hazardous chemicals and particles that can be absorbed into your lungs, causing irritation and future health problems. On the other hand, essential oils diffused in simple water vapor smell good without filling your home with harmful chemicals. Essential oils can lift your mood, give you more energy, promote peace, help you sleep, and may provide relief from symptoms caused by common illnesses. At the same time, many essential oils smell amazing. Try creating your own blends and add a few drops into your diffuser to freshen the air for hours.

As it turns out, there are many ways to make a healthier home. The great thing about healthy habits is that they are self-promoting. The more healthy habits you adopt, the more you will want to find others to incorporate into your life as well. Pretty soon you’ll have created a home environment that is more conducive to healthy living than ever before.

A healthier lifestyle means a healthier you. Kickstart your journey to better health with my six-week Clean and Lean Transformation Challenge or my Back to the Basics 30-Day Group Program.

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