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How to Be More Confident Attending Healthcare Appointments

For those who have anxiety around attending the doctors, dentists, audiologists, and more, then it is good to know that you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from appointment anxiety every year and there are ways to reduce the feelings. Although anxiety isn’t curable, there are many ways that you can reduce the feelings and attain a more balanced mind.

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety about attending healthcare appointments, then here are the best tips.

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Understand that they are there to help you

Although it is hard to shake the fear of attending a healthcare appointment, if you focus on the fact that they are there to help you and care for you, the feelings might go away a little. When you understand that healthcare practitioners are trained to deal with mental health as well as physical health, you will be able to acknowledge and accept that they will make you feel comfortable and that their job is to simply help improve your health.

For instance, you might worry about hearing loss and fear the idea of attending an audiologist appointment. When you understand that you will be able to learn more about tinnitus and its causes, symptoms, and longevity by attending the appointment, you will be able to find a space of calm and acknowledge that attending the appointment will help to improve your health.

Take something comforting along with you

Should you often feel anxious in the doctor’s office, then it can help to take something comforting with you to help distract you. It could be a book, a game, a bracelet, or anything that helps you feel calm. Taking something along with you will act as a support and help you focus on the object instead of the idea of going into the appointment.

Take someone with you

Likewise, if an object doesn’t help you stay calm or distract you, then taking a friend might help. It is acceptable to take someone with you to the waiting room. Some appointments might entail you going in alone. But, having someone to wait with you can help keep the nerves at bay while you wait.

Should you want your friend to come to the appointment with you, then it is a good idea to ask the practice ahead of the appointment to double-check. You won’t want to get there thinking that you can take someone in with you and then at the last minute find out that you have to go in alone. Being well prepared will help you focus and avoid feeling more anxious.

Breathing exercises

If your anxiety hinders your breathing and makes you feel suffocated, then it is useful to use breathing exercises. These will calm your heart rate and ensure that you breathe efficiently in order to reduce anxiety.

Breathing exercises can also help to distract you. Doing them while waiting in the waiting room can help you focus your mind on your breath instead of the appointment. You can feel calmer physically and mentally by performing the exercises for just a few minutes.

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