How My Journey Began

I've always known that I was meant to help others but not HOW. I volunteered for several events and studies over the years but nothing felt like THE ONE. At one point I'd even called myself a human guinea pig due to the volume of studies I'd participated in.

Healthy living wasn't even remotely on my radar. I've always been the meat and potatoes kid. I told my dad he was trying to poison me whenever he tried to get me to eat veggies beyond those I ate - corn, green beans, and cooked carrots. I often said this when there was a veggie recall like what we had recently with romaine lettuce. I hated gym class, not understanding the point of it. This continued into adulthood with me only occasionally eating those veggies and making the extra effort to avoid physical activity beyond what was necessary.

One day I came across a diabetes prevention study. At the visit I qualified for the full study where I got 2 years of a popular weight loss program for free in addition to the payments received at each quarterly check-in. So I was getting paid to lose weight. Who wouldn't want to take that deal?

I'd never dieted before being a picky eater, knowing that I wouldn't be able to survive with all their restrictions. I was still able to have full control over what I ate. The only thing I gave up completely was soda (and now I can't stand anything carbonated). I reduced how much I was eating and made sure I ate at least 1 veggie a day. Weight began to fall off immediately.

About 6 weeks in I sought to add a fitness component to my journey. I checked out a bunch of workout DVDs from the library. My husband Benny and I previewed them all and found one program to restore my balance and flexibility. This was critical for me to concentrate on these areas in order to be able to do any other workout.

Once I completed that first fitness program I realized that I had finally found my purpose in helping others to improve their overall health and wellness. I signed up as a coach with a popular fitness business company. While I didn't get anywhere with them it opened the doors to my own research into healthy living and uncovering my focus as a Wellness Coach, guiding and inspiring other women to feel better and healthier in their own skin.

What's prompting you to take the first step on your journey? Is it a financial benefit like my beginning? Is it a recent diagnosis affecting your own health? Is it a health scare of a loved one? Contact me today to schedule your FREE 15-20 minute Wellness Strategy Session to see if we can work together and receive a nugget of information to try over the next week to help you on your journey.

Me, Before the Journey

Read about my weight loss journey at The Long and Winding Road to Wellness: Cassi's Journey.

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