• Cassandra Schmigotzki

Holi Hai!

I'm both excited and nervous to teach as a part of BollyX's virtual Holi party today. I'm teaching 2 songs during the Indy timeslot, one which I can somehow almost do the whole choreography with my eyes closed. I've been playing the whole playlist for my first Zoom class (in April) on my commute to work so I do a little bit of car dancing.

Holi, aka the Festival of Colors, marks the passing of winter and the beginning of spring. It also celebrates love, fertility, and renewal. Even the colors have their own, individual significance.

  • RED: love, weddings, fertility

  • YELLOW: happiness, good health, knowledge, peace

  • GREEN: new beginnings, harvest, freshness, virility, nature

  • ORANGE: strength, moving forward, forgiveness

  • PINK: positivity, kindness, fun

  • PURPLE: magic, mystery, relaxing

The team at BollyX HQ decided to put together a 24-hour virtual event for Holi, full of 100+ instructors from around the world. Why are we doing this? As Jasmine said to me the other day, "Just because we might not see each other in person doesn't mean you can't find ways to be happy and have fun." We all enjoy dancing and the camaraderie of our BollyX family!

For Prarthna, Holi is a celebration of freedom, a celebration of love. In her opinion, there's no better way to celebrate this than being able to love yourself the way you are. She's spreading this message of self love and body positivity or neutrality and hopes that she will be a prime example to her daughters as they grow up.

The World's Largest Virtual Holi Party is also a fundraising event for several charities. I hope you're able to pop in and join us dancing any time throughout the day.

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