Get Out of Your Head With a Getaway

There is something about getting out on the open road that gets you completely out of your head. It's one of the most fun ways around to give yourself a mental health break. It can also be budget-friendly if you limit your trip to a weekend or a week at most. If you're about to embark on a short getaway, here are some tips to help you make the most of it while watching your budget.

Pick Your Location

One of the cool things about leaving town is that it's difficult for your boss to call you into work. Psychologically, leaving town also provides you with a mental boost because you get a change of scenery. This can change your mindset. That said, your vacation location will likely come with a few constraints, the first being the amount of time you have off. Obviously, if you're just taking a weekend away, then you can't drive to a destination that is several thousand miles away. Your destination should be in the "sweet spot" if you have time and money constraints. That is to say that it isn't so far away that you spend most of your trip driving. However, it's far enough away to make the trip seem like a true vacation.

Set Your Budget

Your mode of transportation also makes a difference when you want to save money on your trip. For shorter trips, it's often cheaper to take your car. You can bring food along, which reduces the number of times you have to stop to eat in restaurants. There's also another advantage: You can drive further for cheaper if you have a car with low gas mileage. Having a car with good gas mileage means that fewer of your vacation dollars go into your gas tank, giving you more to spend on fun.

Go in the Off-Season

Taking a vacation in the off-season has a couple of advantages. True enough, you do save money. Many places offer discounts to people who travel there during off-peak times; sometimes, prices are discounted by nearly half. From a mental-health standpoint, you'll probably enjoy them more, too. Going in the off-season means that you deal with fewer people, allowing you to get the peace and quiet you need to recuperate.

Vacations play an important role in your mental health. They allow you to recharge your battery, explore new places and learn new things about yourself. Fortunately, these trips don't have to cost a lot. By choosing the right destination, the right mode of transportation, and the right time of year, you can save some serious cash while having some major fun.

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