Five Natural Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Stress and anxiety can become a problem for anyone in today’s world. Our careers, social media pressure, and the demands of keeping up with a hectic life can make feel stressed and more anxious than they can cope with. Managing stress isn’t always easy, but not everyone feels comfortable seeking medical treatment for anxiety. If this is you, there are some natural ways to help you to handle anxiety more effectively, whether by themselves or alongside traditional medicine.

Exercise. Working out is one of the most effective ways of coping with stress. Endorphins are released during exercise, which are natural mood boosters. Whatever exercise you find enjoyable, such as walking, a dance class, swimming, or a yoga session, find a workout that helps you feel good. Doing something positive for yourself can also be a simple way to clear your mind and get some time to yourself.

Meditation. Meditation can be a tool to reduce stress. Even just sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing can clear your mind. You could try apps for guided meditation to help you get to learn how to meditate, as it can be hard for beginners to learn to switch off. When you learn to do meditative breathing, you can use it in your daily life to help you calm down in stressful situations.

CBD. CBD has become a very popular part of wellness, and some anxiety sufferers are finding it useful to manage their symptoms. If you try it, you must only buy high-quality hemp extract, like from places like ViveCBD, so shop carefully. CBD doesn’t contain THC, so it can’t make you high. It can be bought without a prescription from healthcare shops or online.

Relaxation exercises. If you’re stressed, you tend to hold your muscles tense, which can become uncomfortable and even cause you pain. To release some of this tension, try some relaxation exercises. Slowly work through each muscle group in turn, tensing and then releasing it to ease that tight feeling.

Journaling. Keeping a journal can be helpful to those struggling to process how they feel. We all know that we should try to talk about our worries, but not everybody feels able to do so. If you find it hard to express the way you feel when you’re anxious, write down your anxieties. Sit quietly with a notebook for a while and write down everything about the way you feel. Getting your worries down on paper can help to put them into perspective and make them seem more manageable. You could also use a journal to help you to focus on something more positive and productive. If you feel stressed out or upset, take a few minutes to write down a quick list of things that made you happy during your day. This could be anything, from your husband bringing you a coffee in bed, to having a productive work meeting you feel proud of leading. By writing them down, you train your brain to seek out these moments of happiness.

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