Fitness Trouble: Things That Make You More Confident

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Have you ever felt like you can’t workout in public just because of how you will be judged? So many people around the world feel the same way. The majority of them are women and that’s usually because of the self-image pressures we put on ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can do things that will bolster our confidence to show the world, we are making positive changes in our lifestyles. Fitness isn’t just about becoming healthier but creating a sense of determination to meet the goals you set. It's an ode to yourself, that you will become a better, healthier and most of all, happier person. Here’s what you should be doing to get the ball rolling.

Hiphugger, snug fit

Nobody starts off in a place they want to be, in terms of body image. Fitness fanatics will tell you it took them a long time to get to where they are now. But with the right clothing, you can feel more confident, to go to your local gym and start carving out the physique you want. The Curves N Combatboots leggings are one of the top choices for novices and advanced gym-goers. The booty scrunch leggings, in particular, help to lift and squeeze your glutes to a more shapely and desirable figure. Made with a mix of polyester and spandex, these leggings stretch as you do and breathe as you sweat. All the while, they are outlining your figure quite generously as the all-black color is naturally slimming. Wear these leggings to your gym with a sports bra and it will complete the activewear style that so many celebrities go for.

The right type of bra

Sports bras don’t come in one fit, one size or one style. Just like your sneakers and trainers, you need to get the right kind of your body shape, weight and style. Learn about the differing types of sports bras to find out which would fit your needs and body better. With a great sports bra, you won’t feel as self-conscious in public and on top of that, you will get the support you need. Running and doing jumping moves such as jumping jacks and aerobics step-ups, are quite challenging on the female body. You need to know that you’re not having a ‘motion in the ocean’ type of scenario and that everything is stable and where it should be. This diverts attention away from your upper body and allows you to feel secure even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

Looks don’t matter

Some women like to wear makeup when they go to the gym. But this is a mindset that can affect your workouts. Do you want to look good working out, or do you want to workout for yourself? We have to choose the latter if we want to stop paying attention to how the world would like to see us. Not wearing makeup while you are working out can be such a weight lifted off your shoulders. You’re not bothering with anyone else’s viewpoint of how you look, just focusing on getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

Now the time to start working out again as the spring draws to its climax. We can do these things to become more confident and get closer to our fitness goals.

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