Finding the Worthwhile When You’re Over 60

Updated: May 16, 2019

My hometown is a beautiful place, to the west are the majestic Rocky Mountains, and is found in the rolling foothills and provides us with spectacular sunsets. In spite of the downturn in oil prices, Calgarians are generous. The Food Bank is hosted by committed volunteers, the New Public Library is opened recently, there are a lot of things happening. Donations, financial and otherwise, reach gigantic unheard-of numbers during personal catastrophes and weather related disasters.

It continues to be a land of plenty, regardless of the levelling of the economy. People might complain about the gas prices this week, but no-one says they’re giving up their SUV or gawd forbid choose to carpool.

It is a city still justifying itself however in many ways. The beautiful fashionable people grace the covers of some pretty home-grown publications. I too have been known to pick one up because they are just too darn cute to resist. The pages are filled with overabundance and showy wedding profiles. Everyone is special.

But now here is the difficult part… I am no longer 20 or 30 or even 50. I flow in a direction and have not a thing to prove, so sparkly things can only hold my attention just that long. The glossy curls I had, the freckled hands that have appeared in spite of dedication to eating colourful vegetables and working out several times a week are Me. And I still have dreams, goals to accomplish and much to learn.

And I continue to seek the Worthwhile.

Where is the publication for me? To bury myself in, ponder and cherish? Where are the words that make me laugh, make me think, make me create?

What turns me on now is substance. Words, character, accomplishment, proven worth, strength, humility, authenticity. And it is getting more difficult to find. (Tweet This)

My yoga teacher talks about taking the lessons we learn during class off the mat. To breathe into each difficulty. My Zen teacher tells me to forgive myself and those around me and yet…I crave the time to work deeply because time is diminishing to find a safe haven for valuable conversations.

People are afraid to pull off their skin and show their blood and bones. A person can grow weary searching for a fellow seeker.

Where are you, oh fellow seeker? I am looking for you at the grocery store when we share a smile about the price of avocados or both pause in awe at the eagle circling overhead on the Fish Creek path.

Give me just a moment of yourself and we could both turn it into a story. If we are brave enough. (Tweet This)

We could share stories of our old joys and our misadventures, of our younger loves, of who we were and who we are yet to be.

Because how does a person find the Worthwhile if they don't continue to seek?

Gail Williamson writes at Found and Bliss about the mystery and magic encountered each day. At , she shares inspirational words from the side streets of life, words that encourage and make you ponder. Gail has spent a career in fostering mindfulness and self-improvement and is now devoting her time to writing full-time. She fuels her pursuit of life-long learning with good conversation, great coffee and red wine, deep reading, yoga, making jewelry and hopes that you will join her for the ride. We are all connected! Keep looking. When you find it, make it better ©. You can find Gail at Found and Bliss on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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