Don't Give Your Crown Away

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Sitting here on this overcast, rainy day I can’t help but think of how this gloom hangs above so many. The splatters of rain make me nostalgic, make me want to sit endlessly and listen to the whsshhh of the car tires outside my window, make me want to just hide. But I also know that I can get up from this chair and put on a pair of flowered rain boots and a yellow rain jacket and enjoy the rain. It is not so easy for many among us.

For those of you reading this, if you need help because you are drowning in sadness, please reach out to a mental health professional or loved one.

When I had heard of Kate S’s demise I was overcome by the loneliness that she must have felt. Please, let’s stand together to support those who need a hand to hold, a coffee to share, a drive to get the help they need.

Don't Give Your Crown Away - photo Gail Williamson

Why did you do it? Discard your days and nights?

Why did you take your own life? You appeared successful, rich and beautiful on Instagram.

Was it guilt for the fame?

Did you not trust yourself to go further?

Did you believe the lies you were told when you were a child?

I don’t know much about you

Only saw your designs in shoes, handbags and wallets

Kate Kate Kate

The outrageous surprise the dignified mellow tones

But who were you inside?

Did you remember

The little girl cutting out dresses and sticking them to your dolls

With scotch tape?

Did you suffer from sadness?

Was there no one in the world who remembered that untouched child within you?

Don’t give it away

Your soul, that is

If you are reading this

Tread softly through your magazines your boutiques your influencers

Don’t you dare go looking for a hero


Start here. Go inside. Find who you are first.

You will be successful,

Without looking outside for someone to put your crown on.

#mindfulness #sadness #depression

Gail Williamson writes at Found and Bliss about the mystery and magic encountered each day. At , she shares inspirational words from the side streets of life, words that encourage and make you ponder. Gail has spent a career in fostering mindfulness and self-improvement and is now devoting her time to writing full-time. She fuels her pursuit of life-long learning with good conversation, great coffee and red wine, deep reading, yoga, making jewelry and hopes that you will join her for the ride. We are all connected! Keep looking. When you find it, make it better ©. You can find Gail at Found and Bliss on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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