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Dancing Through Crisis

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On the 4th I announced on Instagram that my Word of the Year is Dance. Later that same day I checked my email and found that I was selected to participate in Dancing & Life's 30-Day New Year New You Campaign. So Dance is truly meant to be my word this year.

New Year New You began on the 11th with a 15 hour livestream, which is amazing in itself. Throughout the day, Saje Flow, the mastermind behind Dancing & Life, interviewed 16 Thought Leaders and 50 Inspiring influencers about the different ways they impact their communities. I really loved experiencing Saje's energy! You can catch about 12 hours of the livestream on YouTube.

Strong Inner Doer

Part of the process is taking a little quiz to see what inner strength you possess that will help you get through a crisis. Based on my answers, my inner DOER is the strongest. As a DOER, we get shit done. We're flexible and adapt to new people and situations. We're always wanting to jump in and help others. We bring calmness and strength to those around me. The traits of DOERs that are beneficial in a crisis include the ability to improvise the fly, being passionate with things we love doing, having sense of humor (not taking things too seriously brings calm), confidence, and the ability to master things by doing.

There are 3 things DOERs really need to work on. First is ironically paying attention to others. While we live in the moment, we can get lost in it, and forget to be mindful of others. Second is thinking more about the big picture. We get preoccupied with the problem of the moment, so this is where goal setting comes into play. Third is appreciating the process. We sometimes get bored with the necessary routine before reaching the exciting parts. We have to learn to take pleasure in the calm.

Click here to take the quiz. Comment with your results and whether or not you agree with them.

Did you know that getting up and moving around can help you handle the intense emotions you experience in a crisis? Tap into your inner strength and take control of the crisis to come out on the other side better than you went in. Sign up for the FREE Dancing Through Crisis 7 Day Challenge where you'll learn simple but powerful techniques to own whatever crisis you're in. Once registered, take a few moments each day over the next week to watch each of the the 7 videos.

Please feel free to join in on the 30-Day New Year New You Campaign. Whenever you start to feel empowered and realize success from participating please be sure to let me know about your experience.


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