Conquer Self-Critical Thinking

Negative attitudes and self-critical thinking are at the root of almost every failure. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish or overcome, critical inner voices are there attacking you for even trying to do something that takes brains and talent.

Sometimes these critical voices don’t come in the form of an attack and yell at you, but they’re more subdued and soothing. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing, telling you just to forget about losing weight and have that other Margarita you want – or don’t even interview for the job. There are so many more qualified than you who are applying.

Consider these thoughts, no matter how harsh or demeaning they are – as your enemy – preventing you from accomplishing and creating, living and enjoying life. To become successful means you must overcome these self-critical voices by taking actions that will give yourself a new outlook on life.

Here are 5 tips to overcome critical self-talk and begin to go after what we want with a new-found self-confidence:

  • Don’t demand perfection – Striving for perfection only sets you up for failure and more critical voices about not being good enough. When you make mistakes, acknowledge them, learn from them and then carry on.

  • Let go of the hurt and pain from your past – Put those negative comments about yourself out in the cold. Replace them with positive affirmations and choose not to give the past a place in your present or future life.

  • Build your confidence – Take baby steps in the beginning to make choices for yourself, make your wishes and your opinions known and to pursue areas of study you know nothing about.

  • Know your values and be true to them – Don’t let anything or anyone sway you from living your values and beliefs. Know that your views should be respected and demand it.

  • Please yourself first – If you don’t put yourself first in the scheme of things, you’ll take the chance of being used. Don’t be afraid to say no to people who want to monopolize your time and keep you from what you really want to do.

Concentrate on self-affirmations that will serve to replace negative thoughts and emotions. Whenever you begin to think badly of yourself or hear the ever-present critical voices, replace it with one of the affirmations about yourself.

Affirmations can be your successes, strengths and values. Write them down if it helps and look at them several times a day to burn them into your mind. Learn how to best respond to self, critical thinking and you will have conquered a giant obstacle standing in the way of your success and happiness.

Click the image below to download a free Affirmation Journal to get you started.

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