Are There Times When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Wedding Ring?

While you probably cherish your wedding ring and enjoy glancing at it throughout the day as a reminder of your love, there are certain situations where you’ll be far better off removing it. Sometimes, it’s a matter of preserving your precious marriage symbol, and at other times, it’s a matter of safety. Keep reading for a few tips on times when it’s not safe to wear your wedding ring.


One of the main points against wearing your wedding ring while traveling is that, if you lose it, it will be next to impossible to recover. It’s one thing to drop your ring behind the couch at home, and a totally different thing to lose it where it could be almost hopeless to retrace your steps. If your trip is going to be relatively laid-back and you intend to spend most of your afternoons lounging or taking scenic drives, you might be safe in wearing your wedding ring. However, if your trip is going to involve outdoor activities or physical exertion, then you’ll be better off leaving it safely at home.

Playing Sports

Speaking of physical activity, sports sessions are definitely a no-go when it comes to wearing your wedding ring. If you wear your ring while playing sports, you run the risk of catching it on clothing or equipment, scratching yourself or your teammates or damaging the ring itself. Unfortunately, wearing your wedding ring during sports sessions puts you at risk for more serious injuries as well. Research shows that 150,000 people a year suffer from ring avulsion, which can result in people losing their fingers. If your game gets intense and you inadvertently get your finger caught on something, you have a far better chance of keeping it if it's not encircled with a metal band. Try switching your traditional wedding ring out for a silicone alternative to preserve the sentiment while staying safe.

Handling Heavy Machinery

Jobs or pastimes that involve heavy equipment are also risky when it comes to wearing your metal wedding ring. If you work in a factory or other industrial setting, you should never, ever wear your metal ring to work. Opt for a safer silicone alternative instead to protect yourself against potential injuries that can result from solid rings getting caught on machinery. The same principle applies if you work with farm equipment such as tractors, tillers, and hay balers.

Wearing your wedding ring can serve as a delightful, romantic reminder that you and your loved one have committed to enjoying many years together. However, there are certain situations where you don’t want to wear your treasured symbol. For the sake of safety or loss prevention, if you’re traveling, playing sports or handling heavy mechanical equipment with moving parts, you’re far better off with a temporary silicone alternative.


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