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5 Simple Habits to Improve Your Whole-Body Health

Many people find it difficult to improve their overall health and well-being. Often, this struggle is due to a lack of time and/or motivation. Few of us have the time or relentless willpower to maintain major lifestyle changes long enough to see results. This is why it’s important to choose simple habits that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Small changes are not only easier to maintain, but they’ll add up over time and lead to significant improvements in your overall health.

couple picking out veggies from garden. "A wellness coach is trained to help you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks"

Work with a Wellness Coach

If you’re looking for easy ways to get healthier, working with a wellness coach will provide you with numerous benefits. A wellness coach will offer personalized guidance, support, and encouragement as you work to improve your health. They’ll also help you stay accountable and provide the knowledge and expertise to guide you in making healthy choices. The Long and Winding Road to Wellness offers a variety of wellness coaching programs to help you meet your health goals and feel your best!

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Declutter Your Digital Life

Digital decluttering involves reducing digital distractions and organizing your digital devices to improve productivity, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Digital clutter can be surprisingly overwhelming! Some easy ways to declutter your digital life include unsubscribing from unnecessary email newsletters and promotions, creating a digital filing system, and using digital tools like calendars and productivity apps to organize your digital life. If you have a lot of separate image files on your computer, consider converting your JPEGs to PDFs so you can organize them into cohesive photo albums. Converting a JPEG to PDF format is a simple process that can be done using various software programs or online tools.

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Eat More Fish

Fish is an important part of any healthy diet. It’s recommended that we eat two portions of fish every week, but many people fall short of this guideline. If you don’t eat much fish because you don’t like the smell or taste, it’s too expensive, or it’s hard to cook, The British Heart Foundation offers solutions to these obstacles. For example, if you’re not a fan of the taste of fish, try mixing it into curries, stews, and soups. White fish such as cod tends to be more approachable thanks to the milder flavor and firmer texture, so start there if you’re looking to introduce more fish into your diet.

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Swap Sugary Drinks for Water

According to the NHS, most adults and children in the UK consume too much sugar. High-sugar drinks are a common culprit behind high sugar consumption. Did you know that even unsweetened fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar? Instead of drinking sweet fizzy drinks, juice, or sugary hot beverages, choose water. You can also try diluting fruit juice with sparkling water to reduce the sugar content of your beverages.

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Spend More Time Outside

As humans, we’re meant to spend a lot more time outside than we typically do. Studies show that spending just 120 minutes outdoors per week can reduce anxiety, promote heart health, and boost creativity. And it doesn’t matter how you spend those 120 minutes. You could go on a bike ride, take a walk in a park, or just relax in your backyard with a book. As long as you’re out in the fresh air, soaking up beneficial vitamin D and enjoying the stress-relieving properties of the great outdoors, you’ll benefit from spending some extra time outside.

Elevating your health doesn’t have to involve a major lifestyle overhaul. Taking small steps like decluttering your digital life, consuming more fish, swapping sugary beverages for water, and spending more of your time outside can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being!

Working with a wellness coach is a great way to achieve your health goals! Book a free wellness strategy session with Cassandra so she can help you find the right wellness program for you!


Lucille Rosetti created as a means of sharing tools to help people through the grief process. Having lost some of the people closest to her, she understands what it’s like, and how it can be an emotional roller coaster that doesn’t always seem to make sense.

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