4 Ways to Turn Your Negative Emotions into Positive Feelings

4 Ways to Turn Your Negative Emotions into Positive Feelings  

Everybody struggles with the negative emotions that arise from situations. When that happens, your feelings tend to spiral out of control, which may cause more psychological harm. In North America, about 33% of people admit to experiencing extreme stress, which affects their health. Did you know that negative emotions can cause stress which has further physiological consequences for your body? Here are some ways to turn those negative feelings into positive ones:

Avoid over-generalizing

Are you in the habit of always being hard on yourself over your mistakes and weaknesses?

If you answered yes to the question, then you are dealing with a negative emotion called over-generalizing. To resolve this, think about other instances where you made no mistakes or how you overcame challenging tasks and fears. By recognizing these positive emotions, you cancel out the unhealthy ones that cause you to doubt your strengths and the good in you.

Be self-compassionate

Sometimes, all it takes is a little self-loving to help you remember how important you are and, by extension, to your friends and family. Imagine being the one to provide comfort for another person who feels inadequate and regularly beats themselves down. Maybe, your opening line would center around not being hard on themselves. Well, you should take your advice and give yourself some self-love. Start by treating yourself to some aromatherapy from someplace like bloomfarmscbd.com or a soothing candlelit bath. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself to feel relaxed and at peace.

Never jump to conclusions

It is quite unhealthy to always expect and assume the worst in every situation. You should make a conscious effort not to jump to conclusions. To achieve this, you should recognize that negative emotion and take a mental step back. Analyze the situation factually and not based on emotion to get more than one side of the problem. You benefit from a host of positive alternatives you may not have identified earlier by taking a breather. Very often, jumping to conclusions creates self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Live in the present

Being unable to let go of the past or the worries they present is a channel where your anxiety fuels. Keep in mind that no one ever changed the future by holding on to past pains. It requires relinquishing its power by willfully fighting to live in the present. Perhaps, you have heard about the law of attraction but never bought into the belief. It is a concept that dwells on giving positive energy and getting it back in return. In other words, what you choose to believe in and spend time thinking about, influences your progression in life.

Fear, anxiety, doubt, and all other negative emotions are present in your day-to-day activities, but you are responsible for channeling them into positive energy. When you find yourself slipping into the doldrums of negativity, challenge your thought-process to prove it otherwise. In this article, you may have learned how to use gratitude as a psychological tool to guide you through turning undesirable emotions into positive ones.


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