4 Effective Ways To Reboot Your Body

Would you keep driving the same car for decades and never take it for an oil change or tune up? Would you expect it to run at peak condition with that little care and attention invested in it? No? Thought not. So why should we expect the same of our bodies. All too often, we want our bodies to look and feel the way they did 20 years ago without acknowledging the wear and damage that we’ve inflicted on them. Years of eating the wrong foods, drinking too little water and too much alcohol, smoking or taking illicit substances can take their toll on our bodies. Not to mention our stressful jobs and lifestyles or the fact that most of us spend the majority of the day sitting.

The good news, however, is that whatever your age and whatever the state of your health there are ways to effectively reboot your body and set yourself on the path to a healthier lifestyle and a happier mind and body.

Cut out inflammatory foods

Inflammation is at the core of many of our worst chronic diseases. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury. But in an era where we constantly face stress, our bodies are in a constant state of panic, reacting as though they’ve been injured. Hence, we’re in a near-constant state of inflammation. And when we eat sugary, salty and fatty convenience foods it only exacerbates our inflammation. Try cutting out these inflammatory foods and switching to a wholefoods plant based diet for a few weeks. The plant world is full of naturally anti-inflammatory foods.

Fast for 3 days

While it may seem extreme to many, a 3 day fast is a fantastic way to give your digestive tract a rest, use the energy you’ve been storing as fat reserves, increase your energy and make your body’s insulin response more efficient. While many find the first 24 hours jarring, the remaining 48 are marked by increased energy, better quality sleep and feeling more awake and alert. It can also help to combat inflammation and has been linked t improved heart health.

Ditch the toxins once and for all

You can’t reboot your body if you’re still filling it with toxins from regular alcohol consumption or drug use. As such, if you’re serious about rebooting your body, you also need to clean it up. Spending a few days outside your home and social circle can also help you to change your habits and mentality. Don’t worry if you have pets that you don’t want to leave home alone. There are pet friendly drug rehabs that will allow you to heal with your best friend present. It’s also a great way to feel like you’ve turned a page and gotten a new fresh start.

Fall in love with exercise again

Finally, along with improving your relationship with food, you can reboot your body by improving your relationship with exercise. As long as you continue to regard exercise as a grueling chore, you’ll never make it an integral part of your lifestyle. Try and do some sort of exercise every day. Even if it’s just a brisk walk with the dog in a local park. Try mixing things up with some weights or body weight exercises. You don’t have to reduce yourself to a sweaty, puffing wreck at the end of every workout. You just have to be consistent!

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