3 Immufood Kitchen Experiments

When you get your food sensitivity test results from Immufood you also receive your login information for the app in a separate email. You'll have access to your results so that you'll have your avoid list no matter where you go. In addition there are recipes, top nutrient sources, and a way to chat with me along your journey.

Please note there are some typos in the app and I've let them know to have the tech team fix this with a future update. If you find something that doesn't make sense in your recipes, please screenshot it and email me. If I haven't already reported or asked about it I'll pass the error along.

I've looked through the recipes they provided several times over the past month or so and saved a few to try. I've also been saving sensitivity friendly recipes on a Pinterest board. This will also be the home of articles about my experience and that of any clients who've given permission for their stories to be shared. Recipes can also be added to a client's database so she can have everything in a centralized location.

The first recipe I tried from the Immufood app was the Avocado Pasta with Grilled Chicken.

I used a single chicken breast, a few teaspoons of dried basil leaves, and spinach instead of kale. Ended up adding some of the pasta water into the sauce as it was too thick. It was a little too sour so I must've added too much lemon juice. This doesn't seem like a recipe that I'd want to keep in my arsenal.

The second recipe I tried from the Immufood app was the Simple Veggie Patty.

I didn't measure the veggies so I'm not sure how much was really included in my patties. I added some red bell pepper as well. The spice mixes I get from Redwine Family Farms work great for recipes like this.

As I turned over the patties, they were so mushy. I don't think that I made them thick enough. While they didn't turn out like the picture (and need some salt), I think this is a recipe that I can play around with to get to something that works.

The third recipe I tried from the Immufood app was the Quinoa Bread.

This is one of the recipes where the measurements are funky. I asked the rep about it but didn't hear back so I just winged it. I didn't have quite enough chia seeds left so I filled the rest with flax seeds. ACV replaced the wine vinegar. I assumed sodium was supposed to be baking soda since you add salt to taste. After adding all the ingredients I tossed in extras for good measure. The mixture wasn't firm so there was no need for the additional water.

The bread came out very moist and tasted kind of buttery quinoa but not bread. Definitely not something I'd eat plain. I'm considering toasting a few slices in the air fryer to see if it dries out a little. Topping with hummus was just like sprinkling spices on top, not the normal flavor blend with bread. I'll have to experiment more with this recipe or another one so I can have some bread.

So I'm 0 for 3 on the first Immufood kitchen experiments but I'm not giving up. There are plenty more recipes to try out on the app, several bloggers who share allergy friendly recipes in their posts, and the local library has plenty of cookbooks to peruse.

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