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3 Habits That Can Affect How Your Entire Day Turns Out

Each day brings both unexpected pleasures and obstacles, and if you’re not feeling your best, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Maintaining good health begins with developing positive habits. Keeping up small, healthy habits every day will help you prepare for whatever comes your way.

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What You Eat for Breakfast

After hours of fasting, your body needs a good breakfast to replenish your systems. Proteins such as eggs or nuts help repair muscle tissue and keep bones strong. They will also fill you up and prevent cravings while also boosting your metabolism. If pressed for time, prepare smoothies in advance with protein powder and fresh fruit and freeze them.

It’s easier to face the day when your stomach and bowels are functioning well. Starting your day with whole wheat toast, oatmeal, or fresh fruit not only optimizes your digestive system but also brings benefits such as lowering cholesterol and aiding in blood sugar control. When all your systems are running smoothly, your day can proceed without interruption.

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Your Sleep Schedule

Without adequate sleep, you may not have the physical or mental energy to cope with even ordinary challenges. It’s important to experience a full, uninterrupted sleep cycle including both deep sleep and REM (rapid-eye movement sleep, where dreaming occurs) so your body and mind can regenerate and repair.

Getting a good night’s sleep, however, isn’t always easy. Stress, worries, and a tough work schedule can all interfere with sleeping patterns. But, you may just need the right conditions in order to fall asleep at night. Set a regular routine for going to bed and stick to your schedule. In the hours before bedtime, avoid caffeine or heavy foods, and keep the bedroom dark and quiet.

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Physical Activity

Regular physical activity can keep you at optimal levels physically, mentally, and intellectually. Keep it simple by incorporating movement into your daily routine: walk when you can, take the stairs, or do some stretches or knee bends while taking a break from work. Even playing with the kids or the dog can get you moving. Some sort of exercise each day will result in more energy, endurance, and tolerance of stress.

Developing good daily habits can give you the stamina you need to tackle your day. With a little planning ahead, changes in your diet, sleep, and activity will quickly become routines that are second nature for you.

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