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3 Great Pilates Core Strengthening Exercises

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Statista's findings indicate that over 9 million people in the United States practice Pilates daily. The majority of users are women. For the female gender, Pilates is beneficial because it strengthens the core, or what’s become known as the powerhouse. The core is considered the body’s center and begins from underneath the ribcage to just below the buttocks. The muscles control the abdominals, inner thighs, lower back, pelvic floor, hips, and butt muscles. This article is a compilation of some of the best Pilate core strengthening exercises.

Pilates toe taps

Toe taps

The exercise here is considered Pilates for beginners and targets the hip extensors and the abdominals. To start this Pilates exercise, you must first lie on your back with both feet parallel to each other. Your legs must be at the same width (or inline) as your hips. Because Pilates is a body and mind exercise, you will need to perform aspects of this workout with your breathing.

For example, as you exhale, move one leg into a tabletop position. To do the tabletop, you must hold your thighs raised and perpendicular to the floor. Your shins must be parallel to the floor while keeping both legs together (without your hands). With the toe tap Pilates, however, you only need one leg in a tabletop position. As you inhale, hold that raised leg in place. However, when you exhale, move your second leg into a tabletop, too, while releasing the other one.

In essence, every inhalation and exhalation should be accompanied by leg movements. At no point should you feel pain in your lower back or abdomen. What you must feel is a tightening. Moreover, because of the intensity of this workout, you will need to rejuvenate your muscles with a muscle recovery supplement. Be sure about the brand you consume.

Pilates double leg stretch by Lesley Logan on YouTube

The double leg stretches

Once again, you should be faceup with both knees drawn towards your chest area. The double leg stretches require that you lift your head slightly forward or curled up. At this point, put both hands on your knees. However, as you extend and straighten your legs, raise your hands above your shoulders. Repeat this movement as often as you can during one session. For beginners, you can count up to ten as you repeat the exercise. The objective of the double leg stretch is to tighten up your abdominals, thigh muscles, and buttocks area. Do not forget your breathing, though. Each inhalation and exhalation should come with a change in movement.

Pilates pendulum Reform Studios


While performing the pendulum, remain flat on your back with both arms straightened out on your sides. Raise your legs together and keep them in place above your hips. This position is considered the starting position. While keeping your upper body unmoving and still on the floor, gently swing both legs (held together with your thigh muscles) to one side and return to the starting position. Repeat the gentle swinging movement to the other side and return to the starting position. The pendulum strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, the abdomen, and the waistline.

Indeed, some of these exercises can be done at home but as a word of caution, be sure your physician gives you the go-ahead. If you have a pre-existing back condition, some of these exercises may aggravate it. Pilates is relaxing, core strengthening, and has a high success rate, therefore commit to it.

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