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Downtown Indianapolis

Bringing Fitness Parties to You in the Indianapolis Metro Area

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What are Fit Indy Parties?

Fit Indy Parties are a mix of a 30 minute workout, healthy snacks, share & swap of fitness gear and clothes, and a healthy living workshop.  Parties can be held anywhere in the Indianapolis metro area - your home, the park, your church, etc. - for up to 15 of your friends and family.

Why have a Fit Indy Party?

Where else can you hang out with your friends and family, get a workout in, snack healthy, trade equipment or clothes, and learn something to help you on your healthy living journey in a party environment?

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time of booking until the party date so there's enough time to get the word out.

What are Fit Indy Parties?

Let's Get Planning!

Please be sure to include the following in your message in order for me to quote:

  • Preferred & Alternate Date

  • Location

  • Start Time

  • Party Length (in 2 Hour Blocks)

  • Type of Workout

  • Workshop Topic

  • Healthy Snacks (Select One)

    • I Bring Them to the Party

    • I Provide a Menu and/or Recipes for Hostess to Prepare

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