What You Can When You Can (#WYCWYC) is a movement reminding us that doing what we can is enough.  By doing what we can when we can we can reach any goal along this journey.  Doing SOMETHING is always better then NOTHING!  It's all about taking the small steps to get there.  After all perfection is just a figment of human imagination.

BODYpeace is a safety net and guidebook with a supportive Facebook community to help women rid themselves of the body shame brought on by the unrealistic perfection expected of us by society and ourselves. This journey helps you to stop using diet and exercise to restrict yourself in any way. Although it involves food it's not a diet or weight loss plan. The journey is set for 30 days but you're not expected to transform overnight. Like myself you may have to go through the journey many times before you're comfortable but you'll take away something every time. When times get tough you can always return to the individual lessons for reference and restoration.

Starting your BODYpeace Journey

Cassi's Thoughts on the Mind-Body Connection

The struggles with the mental side of your journey is real and varies by the individual.  The areas I need to concentrate on and the methods that work for me may be completely different for you.

Self-care is crucial in your daily life.  It's more than eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep.  The little things beyond the physical elements of your journey bring bursts of pleasure and help you achieve balance. Self-care isn't selfish.  You must take care of yourself before you can help others.

When one thinks of self-care body treats usually come to mind, whether it's a mani-pedi, a new outfit, a new haircut, or a massage.  There is so much more that can bring pleasure to your life.  Special moments exist in our lives like sitting outside to watch the sunset or remembering a good experience through photo albums.  You could also take the time to explore new things like reading a new book or taking an interesting class.

For some meditation is critical to keep their minds clear and ready to take on the day, to reduce stress throughout the day, or to relax in the evenings.  I personally have never had any success with meditation.  My mind won't stay still; it goes off in too many directions.

Others love to write so journaling helps tremendously.  I would fall into this category (hence the blog).  I do so much better writing things out than talking about them.  Clarity often happens when I write.  Sometimes I can even see things from another person's point of view as I write.  Writing things down drains the negative energies that can hold you back from progressing.  Where you write is entirely up to you....publicly on a blog or privately on an electronic or handwritten journal.

Affirmations can also work wonders.  I had heard them for years (think Stuart Smalley on SNL) but only recently discovered there's a second part.  Saying those things is nice but not doing something along with it to back up the affirmation makes them empty.  You must DO what you SAY to make you whole.

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