Were you healthy and active in your youth but life got in the way?  Or perhaps you are just needing help getting unstuck?  Then KISS THIS in 30 is the program for you!  KISS THIS is designed to jump start you to get back on track in 30 days.  We work to find that one thing that redirects you down the wellness path you've chosen.

Are you completely new to healthy living like I was?  Then KICK IT in 90 is the program for you!  KICK IT is more in depth working to prepare your journey, execute the plans we create together, and begin adopt your healthy lifestyle in 90 days.

If we agree to work together then it's time to determine which program is best suited for your needs.

To begin there is a FREE 30 Minute Wellness Strategy Session where we discuss your goals and see if we can work together.  You'll leave our conversation with a strategy or tip to move you towards a goal over the next week.

Welcome to the Brand New Me Wellness Coaching Programs.

With 1:1 Coaching I work with you to begin your journey to improve your overall health and wellness. Coaching is done in person, on the phone, or online. The programs include:

Everything is customized to your goals, preferences, abilities, and schedule.

For full details or to schedule your FREE Wellness Strategy Session click the PROGRAM DETAILS button below.  I look forward to seeing where your journey leads!

Guiding your path to a brand new Healthier you

The Long and Winding Road to Wellness